Before and After Dermal Filler Chin

Before and after dermal filler chin

Dermal filler can be used in the chin to increase projection or length and enhance a patient’s beauty.

Dermal Filler in Chin FAQs

Who is suitable for dermal filler in the chin?

Dermal filler is suitable for those who have a small chin relative to the rest of their face. It is either too short, or with not enough projection.

It is easy to see from the front view whether it is too short.

It is easy to see from the side view whether the chin is not projected enough for maximal beauty. Take a profile photo of yourself and review it.

What happens during the procedure?

Photographs are taken and a consent form signed after discussion of the risks and benefits of the procedure. The skin is cleaned and then the dermal filler product is injected. When choosing the dermal filler product, the doctor will aim to choose a dermal filler with good safety record, good lifting capability and good longevity. We have 2 products which we use (cannot say product names due to TGA regulations).  The 2 products are a reversible dermal filler or a biostimulator.

The typical maximal dose per treatment would be 2mls of dermal filler, but there are occasions where more can be used.

Often we will show a mirror and take side view photos to show the patient after 1-2 mL have been injected to see if the patient is happy with the size and shape. They can choose to inject more dermal filler at the time or they can choose to let it settle and then review in a month or so and have further treatment if required.

In the case above, only 0.7mls was used, we will add more dermal filler in the future in this case, as although it looks improved, it can look even better with a greater dose. This patient is happy to gradually grow it.

Is the procedure painful?

The chin filling procedure is not very painful at all. Most patients don’t require numbing cream or happy gas. The reversible dermal filler product has local anaesthetic in it, which makes the procedure relatively painfree.  We mix local anaesthetic to our biostimulator product so that it is also less painful.

After the numbness has worn off several hours later, the chin area can be a bit painful and tender. This is normal. Panadol is recommended, as sometimes it is difficult to go to sleep with a painful chin. The pain decreases over the next few days.

Is there downtime associated?

There is minimal downtime associated with this procedure, because the chin area doesn’t swell as much as other areas of the face. However, if bruising occurs, then this can last 7 days, and unless the patient is skilled it may be difficult to cover with makeup.

How is the satisfaction rate?

Very high. Most people after they have this treatment, will never go back to their original chin.

How long does the dermal filler last?

If several mL are used them the dermal filler in the chin will last approximately 1 year. If a small amount is used then a treatment may be required at 6 months, then 6 months, then once per year.

What are the risks/side effects of dermal filler in the chin?

The typical ones are swelling and bruising, asymmetry and the fact that multiple treatments may be required to achieve the perfect result.

There are also rare things that occur like skin necrosis where the blood to the skin is blocked by the dermal filler product. This is extremely rare in the chin area. The other rare side effect may be infection.

Is the treatment good for anti-ageing?

The lower third of the face can shrink with ageing, so the structural support of the area is really important in the ageing appearance of the face. The other important face that we need to keep in mind is that the mid face is an area where most patients will be injecting dermal filler, so there is a real “cosmetic look” that can happen if the mid face is over injected and the upper or lower thirds of the face are neglected. This should be avoided if the patient is looking for a natural appearance.

What is the cost of dermal filler in the chin?

One ml of the reversible dermal filler that we use in the chin is $720.

1.5mls of the biostimulator that we use in the chin is $1200.

It really depends where a patient starts and where they want to end up as to how many mL they will require.

The most common amount that we would inject per treatment in a first timer would be 1-2 mL. The maintenance dose may be less than the original requirement, because often at 1 year, a significant amount  of the product is still there

Does the injector need particular skill in this area?

Definitely! Chins are all about the assessment. It is a very “sculptural area” and when injecting there are a few things to take into consideration, which include:

  • The ideal length
  • The ideal projection
  • How the length and projection “connect” with the other areas of the face
  • The marionettes:  Particularly in an older person, the area of the marionettes will need to be injected when injecting the chin, as it just doesn’t look right if these are neglected, so the injector will need to allow a significant amount of product for this area as well.
  • The pre jowl sulcus: If these are present in the patient having dermal filler in the chin, then I consider these depressions a part of chin injecting. Again, if they are deep, then an amount of product will be required to get that perfect straight look to the jawline.

I hope this FAQ is helpful. Feel free to comment or ask more questions in the section below

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