Dermal Filler to Improve Asian Chin

Dermal Filler to Chin for an Asian face

The chin, along with the nose, the front cheeks and the masseters, are very common areas for injectables for the Asian face. Dermal Filler to Improve Asian Chin can improve the appearance

The Asian chin is may be small and may lack projection, length or a desirable shape. Dermal filler is very easy to inject to improve these issue, and is a common treatment at our Sydney clinic.

Case Study

Here is a young Asian female who wanted a more pretty appearance. We had been reducing the width of the lower third through facial slimming injections, and the chin also needed some attention.

Before and after previous treatment of jawline slimming in this patient!

We injected 2.8mls to her chin, creating a shapely, delicate and feminine appearance

We also injected 0.2mls to her upper lip.

Here is the patient before and immediately after the treatment:

Before and after 2.8mls to chin and 0.2mls to upper lip
Before and after dermal filler 2.8mls to chin and 0.2mls to upper lip
Before and immediately after dermal filler to chin and upper lip

We achieved a lovely face shape with an improved projection of the chin

Chin dermal filler for the Asian Face FAQs

  • How much product is required?

It depends on what the chin looks like to start with and how the patient wants the chin to look after treatment. Typically 1-2 mls are injected in the first treatment

  • Is it painful?

Chin dermal filler is a relatively painless procedure, due to the local anaesthetic in the product. However, afterwards, if 2 or more mls are used, then it can be quite painful in the recovery phase, after the local anaesthetic has worn off.

  • Which dermal filler should is the best for injecting the chin?

It is safer if the product is reversible, so those products which are able to be reversed with hyaluronidase are best. After safety, the most important consideration may be lifting capability. A dermal filler product with a higher “G-prime” should be used. Longevity is also a consideration

  • Will the doctor know the best shape for me?

Unfortunately, they may not. You should look at before and after photos and help the doctor, giving them an idea of size (projection and length) and shape that you like. Do a bit of research before hand. If you know that you can trust the aesthetic of the doctor, and that it matches yours, then this is the best situation

  • Cost?

The dermal filler product we use for chins starts at $720 per ml

  • How long does the product last?

The treatment should be performed today, 6 months, then 6 months then once per year.

  • Is there much downtime?

There may be bruising, which could last a week. There will be swelling, but it is often not very obvious in the chin area

  • What are the risks of procedure?

Bruising and swelling are a possibility. The serious complications are rare, but include infection and necrosis (where the skin dies after a blood vessel is blocked by the filler)

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