A Patient Who Understands Lip Filler Placement

Before and after 1ml dermal filler lips

Here is a patient who came in and was specific about her request for lip dermal filler.

Often when patients are the controlling type who like to tell me exactly what to do with my needle, they seem to request the most inappropriate placement. They also tell me not to do things which they desperately need.

Anyway, this girl was the opposite, she was RIGHT ON THE MONEY.

She said “I only want filler in the sides of my lips to lift this bit up (points at upper lip) and to pull this down(points at lower lip” “I don’t want any in the middle, because I don’t want the top lip to stick out any more.

It was like the suggestions of an experienced injector…..

What a breath of fresh air.

I can’t tell you the number of patients who have said to me ” I don’t want dermal filler  in the corners of my lip”. While they’re making this statement, I’m staring at their droopy-sided  and overly projected lips that need dermal filler exactly where they told me not to put it. It needs to go there to make their lips look younger and half normal. What do I do in this situation? Sometimes with these types of patients, I feel like I don’t have the fight left in me.

Anyway back to this awesome case:  I injected just as she requested, because it was the ideal plan that I would also have chosen, and voila, perfect result.

With her lips, I had to be careful, as they were so beautiful already. I could not take a step wrong! I needed to keep the border fine, I wanted the upper to lower lip proportion similar, the upper lip just needed to be lifted without increasing the projection too much, and the lower lip needed to be pulled down neatly.

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