It’s Time To Invest in Your Skin

Come and have a skin consultation with one of our therapists and make a plan for glowing skin

I am guilty of not investing the time into my skin. I should be taking 30 minutes every 1-4 weeks of my life, to keep my skin healthy. It’s time I had regular laser facials. I do the opposite of what I should, which is to not maintain my skin regularly, and then a couple of years will go by and suddenly I become horrified/embarrassed by how it is looking. Then I hit it with invasive lasers, with the downtime, pain and suffering involved, which I can’t stand! With my new era of good eating (LOL!) I am going to start a new era of regular laser facials. You can use the same principle of looking after skin as you do with looking after a house. If you just ignore maintenance, after years, it is just a massive job to get it looking good, but if you stay on top of everything, regularly, it’s just never that big a deal. I want glowing, clear, poreless and flawless skin. Somehow, I think the skin care goals will be easier to achieve than the clean eating ones! Treatment:  Q Laser Facial AKA Red Carpet Facial Device Qswitched laser Cost $350 Time for procedure 30 minutes Best for Skin rejuvenation Melasma Skin refining Pore improvement Acne Skin smoothing

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