Baby-dose Antiwrinkle Injections FAQ

dr naomi mccullum

What is baby-antiwrinkle and how does it differ to other types of antiwrinkle?


“Baby Antiwrinkle” is a technique for using muscle relaxing injections. It is really a marketing term that implies a smaller dose and more natural result.

What common areas are treated with baby-antiwrinkle?

“Baby-antiwrinkle” is most commonly requested for patients who are having injections in the horizontal forehead lines, the frown lines and crows feet. It’s used in areas where patients want a subtle and natural effect and where smaller doses can achieve their aesthetic goals.
For other areas like face slimming, and neck bands, trapezius muscle slimming or calf slimming, these areas I would be careful to avoid wasting my time or the patient’s time with “baby-antiwrinkle”. For those areas, too small doses may not achieve the desired results. 

Does this procedure attract a particular demo? Like younger people or someone who is unsure about injectables?

Fortunately this description is not catching on with too many patients. I don’t like using imprecise marketing terms. My preference is clear communication between practitioner and patient. We have been giving “baby-antiwrinle” to a certain group of patients for decades before this term existed. There have always been a demographic who ask for smaller doses. They ask for this for several reasons, 1, They are worried about looking unnatural, 2. They are worried about cost 3. They are worried about risks. If someone requests “Baby Antiwrinkle” we really need to dig down further about their needs and wants, fears and aesthetic aims, because the term doesn’t reveal this information adequately.

In your professional opinion, is it better to start Antiwrinkle as a preventative measure, or as a reactive one?

Preventative of course! I want to prevent frown lines from etching as I never want to inject filler in that area of the face. The risks with filler  injections in the frown lines are catastrophic (eg blindness and necrosis) vs the risks of antiwrinkle ijections there are so minimal. Prevention in this case is so much safer than cure.

What is the typical age that women start getting Antiwrinkle injections? Is there an ‘ideal’ age?

Mid twenties is really common. The ideal age is before the lines start etching in.

How often should you be getting antiwrinkle injections  once you get started with it?

Most people get it every 3-4 months.

What is the typical price point for a standard session?

The smallest dose we would use is around $420. The most commonly used dose would be around $700 or $850 for upper face treatment.