Q Switch Laser Aftercare

Laser Genesis Sydney

Congratulations on making the step towards more beautiful skin.


  • Mild heat sensation may last up to a couple of hours. There may be some swelling associated
  • Apply Care Factor until the heat has subsided. This is available for purchase at the clinic
  • Redness and swelling will generally subside within a few hours, although it can last longer.
  • Once the redness and swelling has subsided, hydrate skin regularly with moisturisers.
  • Avoid using any active skin care (eg glycolic or vitamin A / retinol) and exfoliating for at least 7 days. Cleanse, moisturise and sunscreen everyday
  • Wear sunscreen and avoid the sun  after the treatment. The Manse Clinic sells SPF 50+ which is great to use after treatment.
  • Please contact the clinic on 02 9331 5005 if you require further assistance.


  • When should I have my next treatment? 

Qswitch laser achieves the best results with multiple treatments. We advise a maximum of 6 treatments per year for Q switch laser (including The Manse Glow) . Please discuss the plan with your therapist /nurse /doctor. Packages are available where if you buy 4 treatments, you get the 5th for free.

The Manse Glow and all Qswitch laser treatments are limited to 6 treatments per year.

  • What skincare should I be using?

Please talk to your therapist about this and they will create a plan.

  • What other energy based devices or skin treatments do you suggest for my skin?

This really comes down to what you want to improve.

For improving pigment and sun damage our most popular treatment is BBL 

For improving redness and capillaries our most popular treatments are laser genesis and vascular laser.

For general and regular skin maintenance, anti-ageing, textural improvement pigmentation and improving skin quality we recommend RF microneedling.  The Manse Glow  or The Manse Glass are very popular treatments and are a combination treatments of IPL or laser, a chemical peel and an LED light.

For more invasive treatments, we offer  laser resurfacing and ablative fractional laser.

If you would like a plan to address your skin issues, please call 93315005 and make an appointment with out therapists.

Or your can book your next appointment online