Anti-Ageing Lip Fillers

Here is a case of a 40-something patient who wanted lip fillers to improve her age appearance.

She wanted a natural result with her lips having less smokers lines, and looking less “sad” and downgoing at the lip corners.

Our doctor injected filler into the following areas for an ageing correction lip treatment:

  • Lip borders
  • Lip body
  • Oral commisures (where the lips meet at the corners)
  • Cutaneous upper lip (the white area above the pink upper lip shich is where the smokers lines are)

The results shown here are immediately afterwards so there is some swelling.

The results will be very natural when the swelling resolves. We would advise the patient to have a treatment at 6 months then 6 months then once yearly for maintenance. If she wants a bigger and more noticeable result, she should have treatments every 1-4 months until she is happy with the size.

See our gallery for more lip before and after images.

Lip fillers before and after anti-ageing
Lip fillers before and after anti-ageing
Anti-ageing lip fillers
Anti-ageing lip fillers
Lip fillers antiageing

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