How Often Do I Need to get Dermal Fillers?

How often do I need dermal filler

How often do I need to have Dermal filler

Dermal filler is an elegant way to restore youth and enhance beauty in the patient’s face. The aim is to improve the quality of life of the patient by achieving the aesthetic that they want.

As much as we would love our filler treatments to be permanent, permanent fillers have been tried over the years and have been found to have a poor safety record. We do not recommend permanent fillers due to their added risks.

The majority of fillers are temporary and will only last you as long as your body allows it. Your body naturally breaks down the dermal filler in its own time, usually lasting anywhere from 4 to 24 months, more or less. Sometimes filler can last for many years. Longevity of dermal filler is based on the placement of the filler, the area that was treated, the type of filler, and the patient’s makeup and metabolism.

There are 2 phases when having dermal filler

The 2 phases for dermal filler are:

  • The Building Phase
  • The Maintenance Phase

During the building phase we are getting to the base beauty or youthful appearance that is achievable and desired by the patient.

The maintenance phase is when we have achieved that base level and then we need to maintain it.

During the building phase, we recommend treatment every 1-4 months.

During the maintenance phase, we recommend review and potential treatment every 6-12 months.

When presenting to us for filler treatment, we assess your skin, complexion and age and goals which will help us determine what type of filler and placement is best for you. Every case is different regarding filler and there is no set time frame a patient should come in for filler. At the Manse we will discuss with you what you are trying to achieve, answer any questions you may have regarding treatment and your goals and go through the whole process with you. The process includes analyzing your face and seeing what would enhance your beauty. A good injector will assess your anatomy through a face design process and suggest what treatments would be best for you and give realistic expectations of how long it will take to achieve that look in your treatment plan. With this system, we discuss with the patient that it will take time to reach the desired goal and may take up to 3 or more sessions. This may mean coming in every 1-4 months in the building phase, to get to the maintenance phase. During the appointment we will request a medical script from the doctor to confirm treatment and product being used – this will ensure chosen treatment by the injector is most suitable. After the patient is satisfied we suggest coming back once or twice a year for maintenance treatments, or to review the face and address any new issues. It is great to maintain your filler with regular yearly visits so in future you will not have to start the clinical process all over again.

Thicker filler lasting

Thick filler can last up to 8-24 months and for some even longer depending on the way their body metabolises the filler. Usually for deep injected areas or areas that need volume, like cheeks, chin and jawline, an injector will suggest a thicker filler for more definition and maximum results. However, with lip filler choice will vary depending on the patient’s goals. Often patients who like a natural appearance will prefer a medium filler for their lips, for those who are after a dramatic enhancement, a thicker filler may be chosen.

An area that typically uses a thicker filler is the jawline as it usually requires volume and definition. It will usually give the illusion of less saggier skin and bone loss around the jaw, as well as improving volume loss in the lower third region of the house. The jawline process usually takes several treatments to get the result you’re after – it’s best to do this gradually so we are able to see results each review appointment, and sculpt your face carefully and in a very detailed manner.

Soft/Medium Filler lasting

A soft/medium filler usually lasts 6-10 months, varying with each patient. It is great for patients who want to enhance their features, but also to keep themselves looking very natural. It is requested frequently by mature women and patients who want to keep a very natural look and remain unnoticeable to others. However when using soft/medium filler results may vary and you may need more filler more frequently than other thicker types of filler. An area in the face that will always use a soft filler is the tear troughs as it is a delicate area and is at risk of lump formation if a thicker filler is used. Also a medium grade filler can be used for the nasal labial lines (smile lines) to fill in the creases effectively but not give too much lift and volume in the area. With these treatments we like to start off gently, and we suggest coming back 4 weeks for a review to see if you would need more filler in these areas.

How often do I need Skinboosters

Skin boosters are made of a substance similar to filler and are designed as a form of hydration and improves the quality of one’s skin. They also helps reduce fine lines, hollowness and darkness when referring to treating the under eyes with this product. This type of injectable is a very soft and fine filler-like substance and will usually take up to 3 sessions to see results, as well as a treatment every 6 months to maintain. Skin boosters are suitable for all adult ages, someone who loves a natural enhancement and anyone who wants to improve their overall skin quality. However, this type of filler generally does not last as long as fillers and will require more frequent maintenance. Skin booster is typically used for under the eyes to improve the skin texture, which include improving dark circles and fine lines. Also skin booster can be used on the whole face to plump and hydrate the skin. 

What is the minimum time between filler treatments

To ensure the patients safety, to prevent overfill of filler and to let swelling from the filler resolve so that we can see the results of the previous filler treatment, we highly recommend spacing out intervals of minimum 4 weeks to have more treatments. The results of the filler are instant, which is fantastic, however it is usually swollen so we will be able to see the final result by the 4 week mark when everything has settled down. This includes analyzing the symmetrics and seeing if the injected areas need more filler.

It is important for we injectors to educate our patients of the side effects, potential risks and the healing process so they know what to expect when leaving the clinic and do not have unrealistic expectations. We don’t guarantee perfection after one filler session. Sculpting a beautiful face takes time.