Dermal Filler To Lift Asian Nose Bridge

Dermal filler to lift the asian nose bridge is a very popular treatment in my clinic, which is in Sydney. The nose bridge fashion that I’m coming across at the moment, is a request for subtle results.

Here is a case study of exactly that:



This patient was not hugely unhappy with her lower nose bridge, but just wanted a slight change to heighten it. She didn’t want people to notice that she’d had cosmetic treatments.

The best part about injecting dermal filler into nose bridges as the doctor, is that you have the patient there to guide you as you go with their expectations. So it is unlikely that they will be disappointed with results, because there can be a dialogue that can happen through the procedure and the patient’s satisfaction with the size and shape can be checked as you go.

What I usually do is have patients look at photos before and that will give me an idea of the amount of change. Personally, I don’t love too high a bridge, so I always suggest a natural looking bridge, as I think that it is more beautiful. It doesn’t have to be as high as possible to be as beautiful as possible!!!

After I have given the patient a subtle nose bridge lift, I will give them a mirror and take some profile photos to show them their nose dermal filler before and after images. Then we can have a discussion and then inject more if necessary.

Before and immediately after nose bridge dermal filler

Before and immediately after nose bridge lifting

When I asked for the patient’s consent to use these images, she wrote back

“I’m loving your work thank you so much again. It’s so natural and subtle that mum and dad didn’t even notice until I pointed it out”

This is exactly what we were aiming for!

Cost: From $620

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