Pre Wedding Cosmetic Prep

Wedding injectable preparations need to be addressed in a very scientific manner with regards to timing. The bride needs to be in the absolute peaking phase of her injections and dermal filler  and laser treatments.

Bridezillas are common in a cosmetic clinic. Here is a case study of one who needed to be more gorgeous than she had ever been, but her biggest requirement was that everything looked completely natural


Bridal lip filler

There is always obviously going to be a lot of smiling at a wedding, so the lips and eyes are SO IMPORTANT.

Carla had always been annoyed by her lips, which disappeared when she smiled.

We injected 1 syringe of dermal filler to her lips. 0.8mls to the upper lip and 0.3mls to the lower lip. We did it in a very natural method to create good amount of height of the upper lip (as that was the major aesthetic issue), but without creating too much projection, so that we could make it look like she didn’t have her lips done!!

Lips dermal filler 1ml. Smile is weding-ready!
Before and after natural lip results for wedding

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