Dermal Filler Nose

This patient has a close to perfect nose. She was happy with the nose tip area. The part that she wasn’t happy with was the upper area near the bridge, where there was an area that has a mini-hook/lump.

This was really easy to make straight, we just filled the depressed area above the mini “hook” which made the look on profile almost ruler-straight. We may need a second treatment to get perfection. After this one treatment, with a very small amount of dermal filler (approx 0.2mls) the results look great and make such a difference to the overall appearance of the nose.

In this case, I would suggest a review at approx 1 month and a second treatment may be necessary. After that, yearly treatments will be enough to keep this nose straight and beautiful.

The great thing about dermal filler nose injecting, is that the injector can show the patient with a mirror and for profile by taking photos, as they go and the patient can give input into if/when they are happy and discuss all aesthetic concerns as the procedure progresses.

Before and after 1 treatment dermal filler nose
Before and after dermal filler nose

Is this treatment safe?

There are risks associated with dermal filler nose injections, including bruising and swelling, which are common. There are very serious, yet uncommon risks including necrosis and blindness. Dermal filler injectors need to know their anatomy so that they can inject as safely as possible.

In rare cases, if the patient is predisposed, or many treatments are performed, or the patient has had surgical rhinoplasty previously, then spider veins are a potential complication

Is this treatment painful?

There is minimal pain associated with the treatment

Price for dermal filler nose

From $1000 per treatment. Reversible dermal filler only used for safety reasons



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