The Manse Clinic

The Manse Clinic

Dr Naomi is moving online and the bricks and mortar clinic is moving!

The Manse Clinic is due to open in June 2016. Please like our Facebook page and follow us on instagram.

Don’t panic, it’s straight across the park from our current clinic (about 40 metres away). Our old clinic is 6 Regent St, Paddington, and The Manse Clinic is 1 Regent St Paddington!

So much is happening with the move, the premises is bigger and better! We will have more room for staff and equipment, which will allow us to improve our service.

I’m looking for experienced cosmetic doctors to join us, so please send me an email if you’re interested ( We’re only into long termers, so if that’s not your plan, please don’t waste our time. Of course I have my fantasy doctors who I want to work with at The Manse Clinic, I just have to convince them to come!

For those experienced cosmetic doctors who are interested, I have 2 non negotiables

1. You have to be awesome at your job and know how to serve sophisticated cosmetic patients.

2. You have to be prepared, as all my staff are, to live your working life online. I will be videoing, photographing, interviewing you constantly, showcasing you and your work.

Now we just have to finish the fit-out. UGH

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