Melasma Pigmentation Treatment

Melasma is a difficult skin condition to treat. The pigmentation associated can be very resistant. At our clinic we have a melasma program which includes a series of topicals and a series of lasers for pigmentation.

We specialise in treating Asian and Mediterranean skin tones.

Case Study:

Here is a 40 something who has a long history of battling melasma, which affects her cheeks and upper lip.

She has been treated for many years very well by her beauty therapist, with topical lighteners, regular peels, including 2 cosmelan peels.

She was referred to us by her therapist, because she wanted the patient to try a Q switched laser.

These images below are from before, and 2 months into our melasma treatment program.

Our melasma program consists of a combination for the following:

When we requested the patient’s consent to use these images, she wrote back, “yes, I consent to Naomi using these photos as I believe that it would give others hope that there is an effective treatment for melasma”

Before and after melasma treatment including q switched laser
Before and after melasma treatment lightening creams and laser
Before and after laser for melasma

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