Sleep Lines

Sleep lines
Sleep lines

Sleep lines, which are wrinkles that form due to sleeping position, typically form on the forehead, cheeks, nose and chest.

They often go in a completely different direction to a patient’s regular animation/dynamic lines. This seems to be one of the reasons patients don’t like them.

Sleep line treatment

Sleep lines are so much fun for cosmetic doctors to treat. The patient satisfaction rate is really high. They can only be treated with dermal fillers. Muscle relaxants won’t work on them.

We find it takes 2-3 treatments to lift these lines really well, and then after that (if the right product and technique was used),, the results tend to last many years. The filler is placed so superficially and it seems to stimulate a lot of collagen, which contributes to the long lasting results.

Apologies to the random newsreader who I photographed through the TV who I used as a sleep lines example, but his were so goood!!! I don’t often get to see sleep lines this great!

Ps who can sleep on their back? Not me, I’d rather have a great sleep and wrinkles 😳