How to get that gaunt, Bella Hadid look with injectables.

Everyone is going crazy over Bella Hadid’s transformation with the subcheek hollowing, which may be due to ageing or injections, or even surgery.

Many patients like that hollowing under the cheeks.

Case Study

Here is one of the patients at our Sydney-area cosmetic clinic who had injectables for masseter slimming, which slims the jawline muscle, enhancing that hollowing under the cheeks.

Before and after the masseter injections; Before, the patient was more “rounded” with less prominent cheeks. After the face slimming her cheeks looked more prominent due to the ned under cheek contour from the face slimming injections
Before and after slimming
Before and after slimming
The lines show the face shape change after slimming
The arrrow shows the area of “Bella Hadid” cheek hollowing
Before and after Face slimming
Before and after face slimming

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