What to Know Before You Get Lip Fillers

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Lip fillers at our Sydney Clinics

At the Manse, we pride ourselves in creating natural, plump and beautiful looking lips!

The Process

Although immediately after lip filler treatment you will see some results, the true result will be revealed in stages. 

At the 4 week mark you will be able to see the final size and shape of your lips from the treatmnet. This is when you are able to assess whether you would like more lip filler.

The Consultation

It is normal to feel excited and nervous when coming to have lip filler injection! It is important that in the initial consultation that you ask a lot of questions and it is even beneficial for you to do your own research before coming into the clinic!

In the consultation the clinician will go through with you how your lip filler will look initially, the common side effects and the stages of healing that will be involved leading up to the final result.

The rare side effects like vascular occlusion and infection will be discussed, this is vital so that you can make an informed consent to the procedure.

Photos will be taken and a consent form signed after discussion with your injector and a doctor.

Should I Bring Photos

It is great to bring photos of your favourite  lips to show the injector. This will give the injector a great idea about your expectations about size and shape. Your injector will then will be able to discuss with you what they are able or unable to achieve with your lips and potentially how many treatments may be required.

Every individual’s lip filler outcome will differentiate based on their initial lip size and shape, their anatomy and their face shape and other facial features. Also the outcome will depend on what type of look the patient is aiming for.


Immediately After the Treatment

After you are treated with lip filler instantly you will see some visible side effects of post injection which is very normal. Firstly you may have some slight bleeding at the injection site – this will be managed by the injector who will apply pressure, helping the bleeding subside.

Also, redness and swelling, are very common side effects. These are most visible for 2 days and should completely subside at the 4 week mark. The injector will offer an ice pack wrapped in a thin cloth or paper towel which will be applied to the area and will assist with the swelling and bruising. Bruising post lip filler injection can occur due to blood vessels being punctured with the needle. The lips are more vascular than other sites of the face, and are more prone to this. This may last for a few days to a week. The nurse may also suggest arnica cream to help with  in the bruising and swelling It’s important to trust the lip recovery process!


Post Treatment Care of Your Lips

The clinician will also go through with you the after care post lip injections to help with the healing journey so you can see your beautiful results as fast as possible. Avoiding excessive exercise for 24 hours after treatment is suggested so the blood vessels can recover faster. We also suggest you avoid the sauna or extremely hot showers for 24 hours. Your body’s temperature will increase from this, causing dilation of the blood vessels and increased blood flow. This may increase inflammation on the injection side and may cause swelling to last longer.

To reduce bruising and swelling, we also recommend no alcohol for 24 hours to achieve maximum results in the most efficient time. Make sure you drink water! This will give your lips the maximum results by making it look more fresh and full and hydrated

The Day After Lip Filler

The day after lip filler injection you may feel like your lips are quite swollen with some bruising – this is normal! Some have even noticed an uncomfortable moving sensation. Unevenness on top and bottom lip  can be evident as it is swollen, tender and healing. The top lip tends to swell more than the lower lip and it may look unbalanced.

Your lips will swell at this period of time due to it being a sensitive part of the face and it is quite vascular. Keep applying ice as required. 3-5 days after treatment your lip filler and bruising should have reduced, however your lips may look a little firm and still feel tough. Keep in mind it takes up to 4 weeks for the filler to assimilate with the lip tissue. This is when the lip filler completely softens and moulds into your lips creating a youthful and beautiful appearance.

Asymmetry and lumpiness of the lips are not uncommon in the healing process. They should not be reviewed until the 4 week mark as they will usually resolve by that time. Also before the 4 week mark where the filler integrates into the tissue, there is too much swelling to be able to assess the results with accuracy.

Do I need a review at 4 weeks?

At our Sydney Clinics, we highly recommend a follow up appointment with your injector so we can take a look at how your lips are looking and if it is your expected outcome. This is when we will assess your lip shape, size and patient satisfaction. We also will suggest having up to 3 treatments in order to get your desired result. However, some may be happy after one session and will maintain the beautiful new lips by coming back in the next 4-6 months to have more filler. Your lips by this follow up should be softened, and much less firm. If lumping is evident that is also normal as everyone’s healing process differs and your injector will most likely massage this out to assist softening the lump/s. Every patient’s anatomy, results and filler journey differentiates so it is important to understand that there is not one result, or one way that lip filler should look!