Freckle Removal Tiger Striping

Tiger striping is a normal part of freckle removal treatment at our Sydney clinic, which has a special interest in high result freckle removal and low contrast freckle removal (i.e. the most difficult types of freckle removal)
Tiger striping after extreme freckle removal
TIger striping after freckle removal
When we are performing “extreme” freckle removal, then this is what mostly occurs. Please expect it. If we were performing the more typical and low energy attempts at freckle removal, we wouldn’t get this, but we are aiming for maximal results, and this is part of the process. Tiger striping is the appearance of the  untreated areas between laser pulses. If less powerful settings are used then tiger striping is less common and less severe. It will only occur when results are obvious or there is significant background sun damage. It is less obvious when patients don’t have a lot of background sun damage. The reason it happens is: 1. Caution on the part of the operator to avoid overlapping It is all about safety. When performing high energy freckle removal, overlap can lead to blistering. Blistering can lead to infection and scarring, so this is to be avoided at all costs. Patients need to be very patient and understand this most important fact. I can’t tell you the number of patients who say “can you try to avoid tiger striping”. If patients want poorer results freckle removal, then it is possible to avoid tiger striping, but seriously, who wants poorer results? 2. Excellent results The bigger the differential between the lasered skin results and the original sun damage and freckling, the worse the appearance of the tiger striping Patients, please recognise this as the case  and don’t whinge about it or try and tell us not to make it happen. We of course try to minimise it, but safety and results come first Further treatments should improve the tiger striping, so patients, please be patient and just be content with this common and sometimes necessary part of this treatment. NB Tiger-striping is less common with facial freckle removal treatments
Tiger striping from freckle removal

Cost of treatment of tiger striping

Tiger striping treatment is charged at the same price as freckle removal at our clinic.

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