FAQs Dermal Fillers

Will I bruise? I have never bruised in my previous treatments. I have an event tomorrow evening and I do not want to have any bruising after my filler treatment.

Bruising is an undesirable but very common side effect of filler treatment. To be fair with the anatomy of the face which is a myriad of blood vessels, it should not even be called a side effect. It is a highly possible temporary effect of the injectable filler treatment. Bruising is micro bleeding under the skin. When we inject, the microvasculature is bound to be damaged that eventually heals very well. 

Bruising is common and irrespective of whether you or have or not bruised in the past treatments, there is a possibility of bruising every time you have a filler treatment done. We take all the measures to avoid bruising but it is advisable not to plan your treatment close to a social event. This is not only for the allowance of time for the bruising to settle, but also the initial swelling post treatment needs a few days to settle. Most of the bruises are covered well with makeup. 

How long after the treatment can I apply cosmetic make up?

It is advised to avoid applying make up for upto 24 hours post treatment. When we inject, the integrity of the skin is disrupted at the injection site that takes some time to heal. Applying makeup can clog up the injection site leading to a high possibility of Infection. Having an infection is not only unfortunate but apart from going on an antibiotic therapy the filler has to be dissolved in certain cases.

How long do the fillers last?

The aesthetic result of Fillers may last for up to 8-12 months approximately. The longevity is dependent on various factors ranging from the type of filler used to personal variants including metabolic rate and lifestyle. As these fillers are complex sugar molecule chains, patients who have a high metabolism and an active lifestyle tend to dissolve them more quickly than those who have slower metabolism and a sedentary lifestyle. Some of our patients who are athletes or gym enthusiasts may visit The Manse every 3-4 months to keep up their filler treatments.

Do skin treatments including Laser treatments, microneedling, superficial peels affect the filler?

No. All these are skin treatments. They are targeted at skin acting at various layers of the skin. The fillers are placed deeper. The depth of the filler is usually down to the bone, under or around the muscle or in the fat pads. The skin is superficial and hence the filler is not affected by these energy based treatments. Although in certain cases the Energy Based skin treatments can be done on the same day as the filler treatment, it may be advised by the clinician that the two treatments be spaced apart. 

What if I stop getting filler treatments? Will my face get worse than what it is now? 

It will not get worse but will get back to how it is without filler. The main thing to understand is that the chronological clock is not stopping at the background. So if one starts getting fillers at the age of 25 and stops for whatever reason at age 35, the face will be aged and according to how you will look at age 35. So, in comparison to age 25 it will be worse at age 35 but due to aging and not due to stopping the ongoing maintenance filler treatments. 

How often do I need to have filler treatment done?

A filler treatment is reviewed at 4 weeks.. If more filler is needed then it is delivered. If the treatment outcome is mutually satisfactory then the treatment may be repeated or topped up at a 4 to 8 months interval. 

Do men get filler treatment?

Men age as well. Men lose volume and contouring just like women and need volume replacement to look healthy, refreshed, rejuvenated and attractive. The thing to understand here is that male aesthetic is entirely different to the female aesthetic. To feminise or masculinise a face is a skill that has the ability to deliver the ideal outcome in gender based treatments. 

Can the same filler type be used in multiple areas of the face?

The type of filler used in a certain cosmetic area of the face largely depends upon its constitution properties and thickness or firmness. In certain cases the same filler type may be used in multiple areas of the face, however it depends upon patient specific needs and clinical assessment. At the Manse Clinic the choice of using a 4ml package gives the treating physician the freedom of using a cocktail of more than one type of filler based on its properties to give the best aesthetic result. 

4mls of filler sounds a lot. Will I look unnatural?

You will not look ‘unnatural’ unless you want to. We have beauty achieving patients who like to have the flamboyant glamorous look and it can be delivered. However, 4mls is unlikely to achieve that glamorous look. To put it into perspective, a tablespoon holds approximately 9 mls of volume. So in comparison 4mls is not much at all when it comes to volume. It is not the amount of filler used but how it is placed makes the difference. Facial volume loss is the hallmark of facial aging. We lose approximately 1ml of volume in the face starting from our mid twenties in the average facial aging. I will leave the mathematics to you but I usually say, we are unlikely to look ‘unnatural’ or ‘done’ if we replace what is being lost. 

So plan for your 4mls filler treatment soon.

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