Dermal Filler Hands FAQ

Dermal filler: Do your hands match your face?

Dermal filler hands is a popular treatment at our Sydney clinic. Dermal fillers are very useful for one aspect of hand rejuvenation, which is the loss of volume which occurs with ageing.

It used to be such a cliche that hands are a giveaway of people’s age. Maybe this used to be true, but not since we have been injecting dermal filler into hands.

Here are some FAQs re dermal filler hands.

At what age should I start injecting dermal filler into my hands?

This will depend on how your hands look. If you have poor volume in your hands, then it’s time for some cosmetic fillers for hands. Poor volume in hands can start any time from late 20s to 40s, and it just gets worse from there.

How is the dermal filler hands treatment performed?

This depends on the injector and the product used. There are many techniques.

The larger bolus technique is very popular for a few reasons, including:

  • There are less entry points so there is less bruising
  • There are less entry points so there is less pain

The less injection points the less pain and bruising, but also the more massage that is required afterwards to create a smooth and consistent effect. In the large bolus technique there may be 2-5 injection points.

Another technique for dermal filler hands is cannula, where local anaesthetic is injected then a blunt cannula is introduced from 1-2 entry points and the dermal filler biostimulator is injected. The benefits of this are similar to the large bolus technique.

The smaller bolus technique is where multiple small boluses of product are introduced over the whole hand in 6 or more entry points. The benefits of this are that this is more precise and requires less massage, but it is also associated with more bruising and pain.

How much dermal filler / skinbooster is used in the hands?

This really varies and depends on how the hands are to start with and how young the patient wants the hands to look.

The minimum for a result to be seen would be in most cases 1ml per hand, although in some hands more than 3mls per hand are required for a good result.

With skinbooster, at least 2mls per hand would be advised.

The amount required will also depend on the product used

How long does dermal filler last in the hands?

This depends on which product is used. Typically hands will need to be treated every 1-2 years. Cosmetic fillers have excellent longevity in hands.

Is the dermal filler hands treatment painful?

Dermal filler injections into hands is one of the least painful treatments in an injectable cosmetic clinic. With one of the biostimulator products we use, we make 2 injections with local anaesthetic on the hands first and then there is zero pain after that with the procedure.

With all other filler hand treatments, the dermal filler or skinbooster product contains local anaesthetic, which makes the procedure very comfortable.

Most patients do not require happy gas or topical anaesthetic, but they are available if necessary.

What is the cost of dermal filler hands?

This varies with how much dermal filler is used. Patients should budget for at least $1200, but if their hands have very poor volume then they should budget for more than that.

If skinbooster is used, the cost is $420 per ml, and usually at least 2mls per hand will be required.

Some patients would prefer to start with a smaller amount and more subtle result, which is fine, because they can assess this result and have the option of a series of treatments if this is what they would prefer

What other treatments are available for ageing hands?

Like all cosmetic issues, hands need first to be assessed before treatment. If hands have lots of sun damage, then IPL / BBL / laser will be required to remove the pigmentation. This is a very successful treatment.

If there are old age lumps and bumps or warts on hand skin then an ablative laser will be required to remove them.

If hands require volume for an aged appearance, this is when dermal filler is useful.

What are the side effects of cosmetic fillers in hands?

There are the usual side effects of  bruising and swelling and temporary tenderness. There are also more severe, but unusual side effects of infection, inflammation or necrosis.

Does dermal filler in hands help “veiny” hands?

Definitely, a “veiny” appearance of hands is an aged appearance, and occurs with loss of volume in the hands. The dermal filler will disguise these veins and the hand will look younger.

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