Dermal Filler in Lips: Fake Vs Natural Look

Fake lips
Natural lips VS Fake Lips : The enhanced look for lips can be super-glamorous, but is only for those who request it
Wow! The lips on the right are definitely on the fake side, but this is exactly what some patients want The majority of patients who I treat are going for the natural look. However, the enhanced or glamour look is also popular with a significant percentage of patients. Gen Y girls are definitely over represented in their requests for the  too-good-to-be-true look. This patient told me that she loves the enhanced look, including a good sized upper lip in proportion to the lower. To achieve this fake look, we typically perform 1ml per treatment, and keep injecting until the patient has achieved the size that they want I asked her about what look she prefers for her lips. Here is her answer: “The natural look was cute! My lips looked natural the first time I got them done, but I’ve always had my heart set on the fake looking lips, which I think we started achieving the second time I got fillers. I personally prefer the fake looking lips. I find them so beautiful.  I’m definitely plastic positive when it comes to lips. So I do love the fake look of my lips over the natural look and can’t wait to go bigger” From her lips to my syringe  and then back to her lips……….

We also treat the natural lip lovers, see below

Lip filler subtle
Lip filler subtle. This patient just wanted her upper lip to stop disappearing when she smiled
Subtle lip fillers
Subtle lip fillers

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