Asymmetry and Dermal Filler

Everyone is asymmetrical.

Most patients don’t notice it until they are assessing their face AFTER their filler is injected, and they think that it’s a result of the filler or wrinkle injections!

Please stop this…..

Anyway, my face is a disaster-area of asymmetry, so I thought I’d do something about it.

I injected 7 mLs of dermal filler to the right side of my face ONLY.

Immediately after 7 mL of dermal filler to one side of my face only for correction of asymmetry

To be human is to be asymmetrical and vice versa, so there’s no point in a big carry-on about it.

Accept it. Don’t make a big deal of it.

Just treat it if you want to,  do the best you can with it, and then move on.

ps Wow, I really need some filler in my earlobes.. Who knew?

ops still working on getting that 6 mls experiment into my forehead. 2mls down now, 4mls  to go:)

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