When to Review Symmetry After Wrinkle Injections?

When to review symmetry after anti wrinkle and dermal filler injections?

When is it best to review symmetry if you feel like you have some asymmetry after anti wrinkle injections or dermal filler?

This question is very easy to answer using the science.

Muscle relaxant injections

After a muscle relaxant is injected, typically the results start to show at 2-8 days, they then continue to increase up to 4 weeks after the treatment was performed. The results are then stable until approximately 8 weeks, and then movement starts again. At 12 weeks, movement is about 50% back to normal and at 16 weeks, movement is about 80% back to normal.

Before the 4 week (maximal effect) mark, there may be one side or area that kicks in earlier or stronger than the other. Reviewing the results in terms of symmetry, before the drug has reached its maximal effect, is not very useful. The drug needs to reach its maximal effect so that the symmetry can then be assessed and potentially treated. Treating asymmetry before 4 weeks after injections is not advised as the maximal effect hasn’t been reached, so injecting more product may lead to an increase in side effects like brow or lid droop. Patients can be very impatient, but doctors need to be guided by the science.

Dermal Filler injections

If there is asymmetry after dermal filler, then the patient should wait until the swelling from the dermal filler resolves. The swelling after filler takes approximately 4 weeks to resolve, and this is the appropriate time for a review.

Facial Asymmetry

Every face is asymmetrical and injectables can be used to treat this. Photos before treatment are really important as some patients do not realise that they are asymmetrical until they start looking at their faces more after treatment.


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