The Best Way to Reduce Blackheads and Pores

Reducing Blackheads and Pores

Go away blackheads and pores

Reducing the appearance of blackheads and pores is a common patient request.

Known as ‘open comedones’, blackheads are tiny pores that are plugged at the very surface of the epidermis, called the pilosebaceous unit. This plug is made up of oil and dirt, and appears black in colour.

While a number of different factors (including age, skincare regime and genetics) can cause these imperfections, there are a range of treatments and products that are available to ensure that blackheads and pores can be controlled, reduced and eliminated.

Here’s what you can do to reduce the visibility of these skin imperfections:

Q Switch Laser Facial

One of the best ways to reduce both blackheads and pores is with a Q-Switch Laser Facial. It is a non-invasive light therapy treatment, which uses a laser toning technology to target a variety of different skin conditions, including the reduction of blackheads and pores.  

There are a variety of different wavelengths that target different skin types and skin conditions. These wavelengths aid in shrinking pore size, and move pass the epidermis to directly penetrate the deeper layers of the skin and instantly stimulate collagen regeneration.  

The outer layers of the epidermis are not affected, as the laser subtly heats the underlying layers of the dermis, instantly cleansing pores as well as reducing their size.

The reduction of pores and blackheads improves over time, with the appearance of these skin imperfections reducing after a course of 4-6 treatments.  

It is the best way to remove blackheads, and achieve smoother, fresher looking skin.

The Manse Glow

If you want and even more powerful option to reduce blackheads and pores than Qswitch laser alone, we offer #themanseglow, which is a Qswitch laser, plus a chemical peel, plus an LED.

Microdermabrasion and Microneedling

The combined use of the microdermabrasion and microneedling treatments is also a significant method to help reduce blackheads and pores.

The process of microdermabrasion exfoliates the epidermis, breaking down the dead cell barrier, unclogging pores, and reducing their appearance. It is a successful method to aid in removing a significant layer of dead skin cells.

When the microdermabrasion treatment is combined with the process of microneedling, which punctures the skin to produce new collagen and thicken elastin, new capillaries are formed and pores and blackheads are reduced.

This combined process can also help to improve the absorption of active skin care ingredients, while reducing oil and improving skin texture and firmness with a noticeable difference in appearance within four weeks.

Retinoid Based Products

Retinoid products are highly successful in reducing pores and blackheads, and are easily accessible as there are both prescription and non-prescription options available.

Being a Vitamin-A derivative, retinoid products are so successful in reducing blackheads and pores because they work on the skin receptors to regulate the skin turnover, which increases the efficiency of dead skin removal.

Products that are high in salicylic acid also work successfully to penetrate the sebum (or build up of oil), unclog pores and increase the skin turnover to avoid any unnecessary debris or oil becoming caught on the skin.

A combination of high-quality skincare products, including a retinoid-based product, will help to reduce pores and blackheads in between treatments and peels.


The above methods will see a significant reduction in pores and blackheads, leaving skin healthier, and hydrated.

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