Skinboosters: Dr Naomi Staff Treatment Pick

Before and after skinbooster

The staff at our clinic all share a secret love: skin boosters. It is the treatment you have when you’re not having a treatment. The results are subtle but the glow just seems to get noticed.

Even John is a convert: A couple of weeks after he had skinboosters, his mum, who isn’t usually too generous with a compliment, said to him “your skin is looking nice”….. Now he’s addicted.

Why do we love skinboosters?

* They boost hydration levels deep in the skin thereby improving the skin’s quality

* They improve skin firmness, elasticity and smoothness

* They give skin a new glow and lustre

* They are great for those who don’t want to take the risk of pigmentation associate with laser, but want an overall skin improvement

* They are the most natural-appearing injectable there is

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