Pigmentation Removal Frequently Asked Questions

Before and after multiple pigmentation treatments
Before and after multiple pigmentation treatments

At our Sydney clinic, we treated a young Asian- Australian patient with a history of sun exposure, with freckling, and a variety of pigmentation and rosacea.

Please see the history of this case.

I interviewed this now very experienced and knowledgable patient to get her views on everything skin-related, so I asked her the most frequently asked questions.

Interview with the patient:

Which of the energy based device treatments did you find most effective?

I had a number of energy-based treatments during my treatment journey – they all had their place.- BBL (Broadband Light) was great for taking care of the background sun damage and my rosacea- I also had quite a few ablative laser treatments to remove stubborn freckles.

How long until you noticed an improvement in your skin from when we started treatments?

It takes about 2-3 weeks to start seeing results. These results also accumulate over time and treatments (as long as you look after your skin!), so my skin’s been getting better and better since my initial treatments.

Which is the “easiest” of the energy based device treatments?

I’d say q-switch laser is the easiest in terms of commitment – for darker skinned people, you don’t have to use bleaching creams or do test patches beforehand and it’s less painful than BBL.

Are they all painful? Which was the worst?

For me it’s the shock of the zapping sound that precedes the laser that’s the worst – it’s loud! In terms of the pain, it’s like flicking rubber bands on your skin.

What’s your 3 top skincare categories?

  • Sunscreen
  • Prescription retinoid
  • Moisturiser

Were you worried about any of the risks?

Definitely. I did a lot of research before doing anything – about pigment lasers and their effectiveness, potential side-effects, the list goes on. I also spent lots of time researching doctors to find the right person – how experienced are they with using lasers to treat pigmentation in darker skin tones? Do they have before and afters of their own patients? What happens if something goes wrong?

Did people notice the change in your skin?

People who hadn’t seen me in a while were more likely to notice my skin looked amazing, but no one was able to put their finger on what I’d had done without me telling them – it’s a dramatic yet subtle difference.

How careful are you in the sun now LOL 🙂

I’ve turned into a vampire! I’ve never been a huge fan of going to the beach or sitting in the sun, so I guess that makes it easier. I want to maintain my results for as long as possible, because it took lots of time and energy to get here, so to me it’s worth it! 

Tell us about the sensitivity aspect of your skin.

I have rosacea and psoriasis (fortunately the latter hasn’t spread to my face *knock on wood*). It meant my skin was very, very sensitive – my face would flush and heat up very easily; it couldn’t tolerate any acids at all. Fortunately, the BBLs I’ve had over the years have helped immensely with both aspects, to the point where I can now use AHAs/BHAs and don’t flush at the drop of a hat.

What’s your “desert island” ie only allowed one, device?


Whats your “desert island” skincare product?

Tretinoin cream (and then I’d go hide under a tree).

Do you take any oral supplements to help with your skin?

Not unless the oral supplements are a diet with lots of fresh fruit and veg and minimal processed foods. Really boring advice, I know (and something that I definitely find a challenge to follow!).

Are there any new ingredients in skin care that you’re interested in?

Topical tranexamic acid.

Newer chemical sunscreen ingredients – Mexoryl, Tinosorb

Before and after freckle and mole removal
Before and after laser for freckles
Before and after pigmentation and redness removal asian skin
Before and after pigmentation and redness removal asian skin
Before and after lasers asian skin
Before and after lasers asian skin for pigment, pores, rosacea, freckle improvement
Laser for rosacea, and freckles
Laser for rosacea, and freckles
Skin pigmentation treatments
Skin pigmentation treatments

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