New Treatment Alert: Under Eye Skinbooster

skinbooster for dark circles
Brightening skinbooster for dark circles and under eye wrinkles. The patient also had tear trough filler

There is a new skinbooster for treating dark circles under the eyes. It is a fine injectable that contains the following:

  • Vitamins
  • Amino acids
  • Minerals
  • Antioxidants

Is it a Filler?

No, it is classed as a skinbooster which is like a finer particle cousin of filler and contains one of the most popular filler ingredients.

Can it be used with tear trough fillers under the eyes?

Yes, it can be used used with tear trough fillers. In fact, it is ideal for use with tear trough filler, as tear trough filler works best when the overlying skin is in the healthiest shape. Skinbooster under the eyes will improve the quality of the under eye skin, so this is ideal for use with tear trough filler. Better overlying skin will make Tyndall effect and lumpiness less likely with tear trough dermal fillers.

How many treatments are required?

3 treatments, about 1 month apart are recommended. Then 6-12 monthly treatments. Although, because it always looks so natural, it can be done more frequently if the patient prefers.

Is it painful

Numbing cream is used to reduce the discomfort. The needles used for this brightening skinbooster are specially sourced and are fine and very short.

The treatment is not too painful.

Can it be used in the Aquagold cocktail?

Yes, it is commonly used with muscle relaxant and also with PRP in an Aquagold treatment.

Is there downtime?

Like most under eye injectable treatments, there can be bruising and swelling.

What is the aftercare?

Skinbooster aftercare is the same as dermal filler aftercare.

How do I book?

Please book with one of our doctors, using our online booking page