First Time Fillers

Before and after fillers
Before and after fillers for the first time

Christina, a filler virgin had her first fillers this week at The Manse clinic in Paddington.

She likes a natural look and wanted to start her beauty journey slowly.

Face Design

Our doctor went through a complete face design consultation with Christina, and determined the first steps.

Christina was concerned with her under eye area.

On examination she had long and deep tear troughs (for her young age), she also had flatness of her midface, which contributed to the appearance of her tear troughs.

Christina also had quite small lips, especially her upper lip. She did however not want big lips, she just wanted a subtle and natural improvement

What our Doctors did

Our doctor decided on injecting 2mls in total for Christina’s first time.

We injected the tear troughs and cheeks and lips.

Our aim with Christina will be to shorten the appearance of the face and make it more “cute” and with pretty feminine contours.

We will be working on the lower third of her face in the future. once the midface is better corrected.

How did Christina cope with her first Treatment?

Luckily Christina didn’t get any bruising, but she did get swelling, which was worst the morning after the procedure.

The swelling improved in the first 24 hours as the day went on, and she looked a lot less swollen in the afternoon after the procedure.

What’s next?

Our next treatment is going to be outer cheek injections so that there is a gentle, feminine curve from her midface to her lower face. We will perform this treatment in 4 weeks.

We will also be performing skinbooster injections to her under eyes.

Another View

before and after lip filler, cheek fillers and tear trough fillers
Before and after lip filler, cheek fillers and tear trough fillers

If you would like to make an appointment with the doctor who performed this treatment, please see our online booking for Dr Liz, however, all of our doctors will be able to achieve this subtle and pretty transformation