Fat dissolver Channel 7 News: Dr Naomi interview


There is a newly available treatment for double chin fat removal, it is an injectable treatment which dissolves the fat, creating a chiselled jawline.

The Manse Clinic is one of the first Sydney clinics to offer this double chin injectable to patients in Australia. Dr Naomi was interviewed on Channel 7 News about this new treatment


What is the fat dissolving treatment?

It is a fat dissolving injectable used to permanently destroy fat cells

Who is suitable for these injections?

Adults with fat under their chin

Is it permanent?


How many treatments are required?

3-6 treatments are usually required, typically 8 weeks apart

What is the cost of treatment?

2 treatments of 2 vials cost is A$2800. See full list of prices 

Is it painful?

Yes it is an injection, and the pain feels like an internal sunburn. We use local anaesthetic , so it is quite tolerable

Are there any side effects?

Yes, these include common ones like swelling, pain, hardness at the injection sites and the more rare one, which includes smile asymmetry, which may last several months

Can you show some before and after images?

Please see The Manse clinic’s before and after images for double chin dissolving injections

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Please review the images and videos below:)

Before and after 1 treatment of double chin dissolving injections at The Manse Clinic

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