Dissolving Dermal Filler with Hyalase

Tyndall effect dermal fillers
Tyndall effect dermal fillers under the eye
NB Blue lump of dermal filler under right eye aka Tyndall Effect

Dissolving fillers is a common treatment at our Sydney clinics.

There are multiple reasons why filler would need to be dissolved.

Why fillers need to be dissolved

  • The patient might not like the aesthetic outcome
  • The product may have migrated
  • There may be some Tyndall effect that the patient does not like
  • Emergency situations like a vascular occlusion

Which areas commonly need filler dissolving?

It is common for the tear troughs and the lip area to require non-emergency dissolving. Often with the troughs, the filler may have been placed incorrectly or moved, or the patient does not like the look

It is also common for the lips to require dissolving with hyalase, as there can be lumpiness or migration into the cutaneous lips, or the patient may just want to have a more subtle look


At The Manse we use ultrasound to determine the location of filler and are able to target it. We are also able to be guided as to if there is still filler in the area, as sometime the patient may think there is filler but there isn’t any in a certain area.

Risks with dissolving filler

The main risk that we are concerned with when using hyalase the filler dissolver is severe allergy or anaphylaxis.

How many treatments are required

Often filler can be dissolved in 1 treatment, however it can take up to 3 or more treatments in some cases.

Cost of dissolving filler

Please see our pricing page for filler dissolving costs

dermal filler dissolving with hyalase
Hyalase for poor result of dermal filler to tear trough
Hyalase to dissolve filler
Hyalase to dissolve filler