Dermal Filler Lips: How Big Should I Go?

How big should I go with my dermal filler in the lips?

This is a question that patients need to ask themselves and their doctor.

Some clues will be there when answering the following questions

* Do I want NOONE to notice?

* Do I want a natural look or a plastic positive/ enhanced look?

In my opinion, there is such a range of perfect sizes with dermal filler. I think the “sweet spot” can at times be very wide, and many looks/sizes are beautiful for the same person.

The case above we injected 1ml of dermal filler to her lips. The results are excellent, a great improvement in size and proportion. BUT the patient, who agrees they are perfect as they are, would still like to go a bit bigger. She asked me my opinion, because she didn’t want to take it too far, causing her face to be less beautiful (which can happen).

On review of her results, I also thought more dermal filler would still keep the lips in that gorgeous range, so that’s what we did. I will post updated photos when the patient’s swelling resolves.

What do you guys think. Are these big enough, or should we add more?