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Hi Dr Naomi, I am 26 but have fine lines just underneath my eyes when I smile or laugh – as if the skin there is really thin. When I put makeup on in this area e.g concealer it accentuates the lines and looks even worse when I smile. When I don’t smile thee lines aren’t visible. As I’ve gotten older it has become a lot more noticeable too. It makes me look as if I haven’t had a lot of sleep/am really tired – however the lines are there even when I’ve had a lot of sleep. Is there anything …

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Hi Caitlin,
I would recommend topicals to address the fine skin.
I would also recommend having regular lasers for this area.
Needling of some sort is an option also.
As to injectables, muscle relaxants will probably work well, given that the lines are occurring on smiling, although we would need a consultation to confirm this. Skinbooster / troughbooster / PRP in the area would also be excellent.
As a general guide:
Cost of topicals are around $150 per serum. There are many that may be used.
Cost of lasers $250-$680 for the non ablative ones and $1500 up for the ablative ones
Needling it depends on how invasive you’re going to go.
Injectables, for muscle relaxants, $400 approx
Injectables, skinbooster, PRP, and troughbooster are $420-$720
Best idea is to come in for consultation 🙂

Dr Naomi Answered question 20/06/2018