Before and after treatment for melasma pigmentation

Before and after treatment for melasma

Before and after melasma treatment forehead

Before and after treatment for melasma

What is Melasma?

Melasma is a skin condition with skin discolouration: patchy areas of darker skin, often on the forehead, cheeks and upper lips and chin. It mostly occurs in women in the reproductive years(20-50). Chloasma is melasma that is triggered in pregnancy

Melasma is caused by:

* Genetic predisposition:

Melasma mostly occurs in those with olive or darker skin tones  like Hispanic, Asian, and Middle Eastern individuals.

* Sun:

Melasma is worsened by sun exposure. the dark areas are often darker in summer and lighter in winter

* Hormones:

Birth control pills and HRT (particularly progesterone) and pregnancy can trigger melasma <strong>

Prevention of Melasma

  • Sunscreen and sun avoidance
  • Aiming to find other suitable options with regard to birth control pills and HRT

Treatment of Melasma

At Dr Naomi we have a specific regime for the treatment of  melasma. We use a combination of topical prescription medications, topical over the counter medications and laser/IPL devices, peels and needling

  1. Skin lightening agents: Including tretinoin/hydroquinone, kojic acid, vitamin C etc
  2. Regular exfoliation treatments: microdermabrasion and peels
  3. Skin needling with use of lightening agents
  4. Sonophoresis/iotophoresis with use of lightening agents
  5. Laser treatment: PIH (postinflammatory hyperpigmentation) is always a concern with laser treatment for a patient with melasma.

The first line treatment of melasma with a light device is a Q-switched laser, 2nd line treatment is BBL or a nonablative fractional laser, and the third line treatment is profractional laser (ablative fractional laser), this must the erbium laser with no coag

Before and after treatment for melasma pigmentation on lips

Before and after test patching of BBL for pigmentation and freckles

Before and after laser test patching to see if Sciton BBL worked well to treat this pigmentation

Before and after patch testing to see if laser treatment would work well and safely for pigmentation

Before and after laser for melasma on forehead. 1 treatment

Pigmentation under eyes before and after lightening agent and treatment with BBL

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