The Manse Clinic: 1 Regent St., Paddington NSW 2021
Phone:   (02) 9331 5005

Emails are answered by The Manse Clinic reception staff.

The doctors will answer questions posted in the comments section of a suitable blog post or in the “Q & A” area of the site. If you would like a response from the doctor, please use that format.

The Booking process: Bookings are not taken until patients have paid the non-refundable booking fee, which for the doctors, is $240, and for therapists is $180. These charges cover the fee for the initial consultation.

Opening time
MONDAY: 9am – 6pm
TUESDAY: 9am – 6pm
WEDNESDAY: 9am – 7pm
THURSDAY: 9am – 6pm
FRIDAY: 9am – 6pm
SATURDAY: 9am – 3pm