Upper Eyelid Fillers

Before and after upper eyelid fillers
Before and after upper lid filler to fill in the Aframe and other hollowed areas and make the lid line parallel to the lash line.

Upper eyelid fillers are important to treat the hollowing in the upper eyelid that people get as they age. As we age, we lose volume, including bone and soft tissue. The eyes become more hollow and deeper set.

We are able to inject dermal filler to reverse these signs of ageing, giving a younger and fresher and more feminine appearance.

Upper eyelid filler case study

We have a woman who was starting to get some hollowing in the upper, inner corner of her eyes, making them appear more deep set and skeletonlike.

For optimal beauty, the lid line should be parallel to the lashline ie the white line below.

Please read the captions of the images below, which describe how dermal filler is placed in the upper lid to improve the appearance.

Optimal beauty for where the upper lid should sit
The white line shows the optimal beauty line for where the upper lid should sit, exactly parallel to the lashline
Dermal filler for upper eyelids
The patient’s upper lid line is drawn in red. The aim of the filler injections is to move the upper lid line to the shite line, which is exactly what our doctors achieved
Before and after upper eyelid fillers sydney
Before and after upper eyelid fillers

Often patients have asymmetry of their upper lids and we are able to use different doses and placement to correct this.

What is that lasting of filler like in the upper eyelid?

In general, once and patient has had multiple treatments of upper lid filler, the lasting can be several years.

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