Pigmentation Removal

Pigmentation Removal Sydney

One of the most distressing skin issues, especially in Australia, is skin pigmentation.
Patients need to put time and work into their skin to avoid and treat pigmentation and to then maintain a clear complexion.
Sun screen is obviously important!
There are multiple forms of pigmentation and pigmented lesions that can occur on the face and body. Different types of pigmentation will require different treatments. We have a large variety of treatments and devices to choose from to improve pigmentation at The Manse Clinic.
We offer treatments for freckles, sun damage, melasma and pigmentation after acne at The Manse.
We also offer advice on skincare products that you should be using at home to address pigmentation.
All pigmented lesions should be assessed to determine whether they are suspicious, before treating with a laser. If lesions are suspicious, then they should not be removed by laser, but should be removed using excision, and they should be sent for histopathology. Patients should be checked as a minimum once per year for skin cancer. There are also patients who may need more frequent assessments, including those with a prior history of skin cancer.

Most Common Pigmentation Removal Treatments


Sun Damage Removal Face

Pigmentation treatment diary Day 1, 3, 5 and 7
Pigmentation treatment diary Day 1, 3, 5 and 7

Here we see day 1, 2, 5 and 7 after treatment for sun related pigmentation. In this case we used our Sciton Joule laser. With this treatment, as you can see, 24 hours after the procedure there is redness of the skin and the pigmented areas go darker. Most patients require 2-3 treatments, spaced about 3 weeks apart. After that, for maintenance, 1-2 treatments per year are advised.


Before and after 1 treatment of freckle removal laser

The decolletage and the neck are often neglected areas for the treatment of pigmentation and sun damage. Some patients are more prone to brown issues on the chest and others are prone to redness, We have a large number of devices and will choose the best device for your problem.

Body Freckles

pigmentation removal
Before and after 1 treatment of freckle removal

Body freckle removal is one of the specialised treatments that we offer at The Manse Clinic. The procedure involves a lot of expertise especially when the freckles are low contrast (which is where they are a similar colour to the surrounding skin). Our website provides further info on body freckle removal


before and after laser for pigmentation
Laser for melasma

Melasma manifests as irregular brown/ tan patches in a symmetrical pattern on sun-
exposed areas of the face including upper cheeks, top lip, forehead and chin of
women aged 20-50 years.
We use a melasma protocol at The Manse, with home prescription skin care, and a number of energy based devices. For a skin assessment, please call 93315005 and make an appointment with a therapist or one of our doctors. Please see our melasma before and after images

Raised Brown lesions

pigmentation removal
before and after mole removal

Some raised brown lesions are suitable for laser. We use 2 device types for these lesions. We use an Erbium laser, which is a very precise laser which is able to remove 10 microns of skin per pulse, which makes it perfect for achieving the least scarring possible with lump removal. We also use a Pelleve, which is a very comfortable treatment for the patient. Both achieve excellent results in flattening lumps, bumps, moles, warts or skin tags.

As discussed above, no suspicious lesions should be removed with laser. They will require removal with excision and need to be sent for examination by a histopathologist

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