What is Ablative Laser?

Ablative Laser: What is it and do I need it?

What is ablative laser?

Ablative laser is a medical device that vaporises the skin tissue to remove it. Examples of ablative lasers are Erbium or CO2.
The benefits can include improved texture, pores, pigment, and sun damage. The new skin is significantly smoother, younger and reflects light better.

Ablative laser and energy based devices are used for multiple popular skin treatments performed at The Manse. including the following:

1. Mole, lump and bump removal
2. Acne and other scarring
3. Skin rejuvenation

Ablative laser is an advanced technique and should only be performed in medical clinics. It may be combined with other lasers and injectables.
There is typically 2-7 days downtime associated with these procedures.

Mole, lump and bump removal

Mole lump and bump removal
Before and after 1 treatment of laser for mole removal

Moles can be removed by erbium laser or a radiofrequency device. The treatment takes approximately 7 days to heal

Acne and other scarring

Ablative laser can be used in a fractionated form for acne or other scarring. Sometimes we also use ablative laser for keloid and hypertrophic scarring

Please see our article about the latest treatments for scarring in 2018

Laser Resurfacing

A popular treatment at The Manse for skin rejuvenation is laser resurfacing, where the complete surface of the skin is removed. This is similar to a deeper chemical peel, but allows more precision with depth.
The benefits are improved texture, pores, pigment, and sun damage. The new skin is just significantly smoother, younger and glowing.

Are you interested in any advanced laser techniques? If you have any enquiries please email us at info@themanseclinic.com.au or call us on (02) 9331 5005.

We’re looking forward to helping improve and maintain your anti-ageing routine.

Mole removal on nose using ablative laser
Mole removal on nose using ablative laser

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