Top Skin Treatments for Women in their 30s

BDE LED decolletage mask
BDE LED neck and decolletage mask

Dr Naomi is interviewed here about what she considers are the Top Skin Treatments for Women in their 30s.

1. In your professional experience what are some of the common concerns women in their
30’s are coming to you with and why is this?

Typical concerns we see 30-something women presenting with at our clinic and from our skincare retail customers are fine lines, dullness, redness of their skin, sun damage, pigmentation and volume loss. I think the reason they’re presenting with these issues is they see aesthetic changes happening and they prefer their previous aesthetic ie the clearer, brighter and smoother skin they used to enjoy. In general they want to stay looking natural while addressing these issues. 

2. What are some treatments available to assist with these concerns?

For in-clinic treatments for these skin concerns we use energy based devices like RF microneedling, vascular laser, IPL and ablative lasers. Short threads are really popular for skin improvement as well. For injectables we love antiwrinkle injections, filler and skinboosters

3. Could some of these concerns be addressed with home-skincare?

Home care is vital. It’s the first line of treatment and also the lowest risk. People can choose to do homecare alone or they can do a combination of in-clinic and home care. There are so many homecare options for treatment of these skin concerns. Homecare includes skincare, with products like retinol and other actives like niacinamide and Vitamin C. There are also at-home facial and peeling products, which are excellent. Customers also love homecare devices, including LED devices for face and body. Putting the effort in at home will make a big difference to your skin.

4. If you had to recommend only one treatment for a woman in her 30s what would it be
and why?

For in-clinic can I choose 3 LOL? I love IPL for sun damage, skinboosters for texture and antiwrinkle injections for wrinkle prevention.For at home I would choose a high quality retinol, sunscreen and an LED device, like the Dr Naomi Skin LED it GLOW.

5. What is your advice to anyone hesitant to consult an aesthetic specialist to address their

Patients shouldn’t be scared of a consult, as that is being scared of information! The individualised information provided in a consultation is very valuable to the patient, and helps them make informed decisions. An aesthetic  consultation is just a professional exploring the patient’s history and anatomy and their goals and then having a discussion about how to achieve these goals. Aesthetic practitioners  are the ones who have studied this field and work in solving these concerns for patients every day. In a good consultation there should be no pressure for the patient to go ahead with anything, it should be purely informative on the topic of face design and provide all the options,  the risks, the pros and cons and the alternatives.