Before and After PRP and Skinbooster Under Eyes

Before and after skinbooster and PRP under eyes
Before and after skinbooster and PRP under eyes


This Case Study is about a patient who had PRP and Skinbooster in her under eye area.

This patient is in her early 30s and has been having preventative antiwrinkle treatments for several years.

She noticed that her under eye texture was not as great as the rest of her skin texture on her face. She also complained of under eye “puffiness” that she wanted to improve.

Our nurse put her on an under eye plan that included skinbooster and PRP.

She had the following treatments over several months:

💎Skinbooster x 2 treatments

💎PRP x 1 treatment

She presented for her second PRP session and was excited to share her results from her previous 3 treatments. The results were good but subtle, and she was very happy with this as her aim was to look naturally better in the under eye area.



Typically, we recommend 3 x PRP and 3 x skinbooster treatments and then to go on a maintenance schedule every 6 month.

Energy Based Device

For under eye skin improvement we also recommend energy based devices treatments including RF microneedling, fractional laser and full field resurfacing.


We recommend an active eye cream eg Catfish from Dr Naomi Skin

Catfish best active eyecream
Catfish by Dr Naomi Skin


Under eye threads are a great option for creating a naturally improved under eye appearance.

Please see our pricing page for PRP and skinbooster pricing.

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