Pigmentation on Upper Lip 

pigmentation on upper lip treatment

Pigmentation on Upper Lip 

Pigmentation on upper lip can be very common. The cause is often melasma. It may start in pregnancy, or when exposed to the sun, or when the patient starts the contraceptive pill.

With melasma, the pigmentation is often symmetrical and can be found most commonly on the upper lips, cheeks and forehead. Melasma mostly occurs in those with darker or olive skin tones, it is more uncommon in those with fair skin. It is very common in Asian skin.

Sometimes upper lip pigmentation may have other causes e.g. it may be post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation after upper lip waxing or after laser hair removal.


There are multiple treatments available for melasma, the gold standard for treatment is lightening creams.

The following should also be considered in the treatment plan

  • Stop contraceptive pill
  • Stop heat related activities e.g. hot yoga
  • Protect the skin from the sun
  • Facials which include lightening ingredients
  • Lightening creams
  • Peels
  • Needling with products
  • Laser

Lasers which can be used for treatment of pigmentation 

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