Laser Freckle and Sun Damage Removal on Chest

Freckles and sun damage on the chest can be treated with laser / IPL. Here is a typical case

The test patch results. Test patching is vital on the chest for several reasons

* To make sure we do no harm: I have seen hypopigmentation and scarring from laser and IPL treatment on the chest. Test patching will limit the size of a problem

* To make sure that we will get a result: Because we have to be more gentle on the chest because of the increased risk for scarring, another possibility is to treat the area to lightly and get no result at all. This is also unacceptable. Test patching will prevent this from occurring as if there is no result, test patching should be repeated

In this picture, the background actinic damage has also been treated in addition to the freckles, this is really important for a great result

Cost of treatment:

Consultation and full body test patching $240

Chest $850 per treatment. See above for results from 1 treatment. However, 2 or more treatments are recommended to obtain superior results, and may be necessary if there is striping.

7 days after chest laser treatment. The freckles, brown spots and sun damage have gone darker and are about to peel off
14 days after 1 treatment. The pigmentation, freckles and brown spots have been removed with the BBL treatment. A second treatment should be performed to improve these results again



Before and after photos of 1 treatment of BBL for chest. Result is excellent but second treatment is recommended. The second treatment will be like that second coat of paint which just makes the area more flawless:)


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