Great Laser | IPL Freckle Removal Results

This patient had been to a beauty therapist for laser / IPL removal  of her freckles with very minimal result. We were excited to get to treat this type of freckles as we knew we could get a great result. With this type of case it was imperative that we perform test patching to determine the powers, so as to not waste the patient’s time and money with useless treatments


Here are the excellent results of the test patches for freckle removal:

The results of the test patching for freckle removal on the arms

Once we have the settings right for freckle removal, then we can go ahead and perform the first full treatment. We only perform half of arms for one treatment when the freckling or sun damage is this severe. This patient even though we only did half of her arms had significant swelling in her arms after the treatment.

Immediately after treatment for laser freckle removal. The patient feels an intense burn at this time, which lasts about 2 hours, it then subsides very quickly and the patient is left with minimal or zero pain.
Immediately after treatment for laser freckle removal. Note redness and swelling. There are white lines drawn onto the skin and gel on the skin.


These photos are the results 4 weeks after 1 treatment with BBL for freckle removal

After 1 treatment please see freckle removal results on upper arm
Freckle removal upper arm
Great before and after results from 1 treatment with laser freckle removal
Great results of laser freckle removal shoulders after 1 treatment. Some tiger striping will need to be picked up on the second treatment
The entire area of laser freckle removal performed in 1 treatment


We have more areas to go on this patient. Can’t wait to continue to deliver more of these fantastic results. The thing that can be felt but not seen on these before and afters, is the improvement in the skin quality, it even FEELS younger!

Before and after 1 treatment of freckle removal

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