Freckle | Pigmentation Removal for Asian Skin

Before and after 1 treatment of BBL for freckle removal for Asian skin

Freckle removal for the Asian skin-toned patient is more complex and more care must be taken with laser. There is an increased risk for post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation with any cause of inflammation, which includes laser and multiple other skin devices

Protocol for Freckle Removal for Asian Skin

Prelightening should be considered prior to freckle removal in Asian skin. We have multiple lightening products, including those which can only be prescribed by a doctor.

Test patching should be considered with some lasers /IPLs that might be used, this may be done for 2 important reasons

  1. To make sure that the settings aren’t too high and cause blistering or burning, pigmentation or scarring and
  2. To check to see if the settings are effective

Typically with Asian freckle removal treatments, the patient will require a larger number of treatments to remove the pigmentation. I using IPL / BBL, typically a caucasian (or fitz 1-2) will have 2 treatments, Those with Asian skin tone will have to have at least 3 treatments of the same device.

Case Study Asian Freckle Removal

Here is a case where the pigmented spots are obviously mostly freckles. We chose to use our BBL as a first line treatment (as opposed to any of our many other devices suited to pigmentation treatment).

Before and after 1 treatment for freckle and pigmentation removal for asian skin

Here is how the patient appeared immediately after the treatment with some minor redness

Some redness immediately after IPL for treatment of pigmentation for asian skin
The healing phase of IPL treatment of pigmentation in asian skin. Pigmentation has darkened.

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