Freckle Removal Face FAQs

Before and after freckle removal 2 treatments. NB skin quality is improved as well as the reduction in pigmentation
Redness immediately after freckle removal

Freckle Removal on the Face Top 10 FAQs

1. Does it work?

With an experienced operator and a quality piece of laser/IPL equipment, yes, freckle removal is successful.

In most cases of fair skinned patients (Fitzpatrick 1-2), at least 2 treatments will be required

In most cases of Asian, mediterranean-type skin, at least 3 treatments may be required.

2. Is it painful?

Most patients will give the treatment 5-7 out of a pain scale of 0-10. In other words, yes.

We don’t advise numbing cream for this treatment, as feedback from the patient with an accurate pain level is a safeguard, as the injury to the skin with IPL type equipment is variable depending on the skin tone of the patient.

3. How long does the freckle removal treatment take?

The treatment itself takes less than 20 minutes. There will be time during the consultation for discussion, consent form signing and photographs.

4. Is it safe?

It is a reasonably safe treatment in the hands of an experienced operator with a quality machine. With poor quality equipment or an inexperienced technician, the risks will be increased. There are risks of pigmentation disturbance, burning, blistering and scarring, but if a good operator knows their machine, these side effects are very rare.

5. Will the freckles come back?

Anyone who gets freckles in the first place has a risk of them coming back, particularly on the face. For face freckle removal, we recommend a yearly maintenance treatment. Chest and hands should also have 1-2 yearly maintenance treatments. The freckles removed on the rest of the body usually take much longer to return, and may never return to the same extent.

It’s important to say here that no cosmetic treatments are “permanent”. The problem with saying permanent is that the body will continue to age after treatment, so most procedures will require maintenance.

6.  Will the laser remove moles, too?

For raised lesions, a different type of laser is required. The gold standard for mole removal lasers is the Erbium single spot laser (only for non-suspicious lesions.

7. Can the skin still tan after the treatment?

The skin is able to tan, but tanning will increase the likelihood of more freckles developing/ returning

8. How do I look straight ager the procedure?

You will have facial redness on the day of the procedure. With the equipment that we use, makeup can be applied immediately after treatment. The pigmented areas will darken and over the next 7-10 days the pigmented areas will lift and crumble away.

9. What face products should I use or avoid after treatment?

Active face products should be avoided until the pigmentation has crumbled off. Fitzpatrick 3 and above skin types should be on a protocol with pre and post lightening creams and other post treatment creams to reduce the risk of pigmentation

10. What is the cost of facial freckle removal?

From $680 per treatment

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