Best Laser for Facial Redness, Rosacea and Spider Veins?

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My “Interview with an Expert” guest this month is Andrew Andreou, laser consultant, with whom I will discuss the options for laser and IPL treatment of rosacea, redness, facial capillaries /spider veins:

Dr N: Can you give us a history of the best lasers to remove red facial spider veins aka broken capillaries aka telangiectasia?

Typically a 532nm or 595 laser was used to treat facial telangiectasia. More recently a 1064 wavelength has also been used. These wavelengths could be found in the Gemini, Vbeam, and Excel-V lasers. All of them were good, but did not have the optimal wavelength of 577.

The pulse width required to achieve  the best result will typically be in the millisecond range.

Dr N: What is the optimal wavelength for removing red facial spider veins?

It has always been well known that a wavelength around 577 is the optimal wavelength for red facial veins as the absorption in blood is much greater than 532NM. Unfortunately historically the 577 wavelength has been difficult to produce, until now.

Dr N: Why has your company chosen to sell the 577 wavelength over the 532 wavelength for treatment of facial redness and telangiectasia?

We have been distributing 532nm lasers for 15 years and the results have been fantastic. Once we saw the amazing results of the Quadrostar PRO Yellow 577nm we knew straight away we were on a winner.

Dr N: IPL or laser for broken blood vessels, which is better?

An IPL utilises a different delivery of light which uses a cut off filter to produce the wavelength required. IPLs are not very specific in the delivery of the energy. The PRO Yellow laser with its optimal wavelength of 577nm will target the vessels much more efficiently

Dr N: Tell us about the new laser the Quadrostar PRO Yellow 577nm?

The Quadrostar PRO Yellow 577 laser is manufactured by Asclepion, a German company with ties to Carl Zeiss Optical. The German quality can be seen within the excellent build of the laser which translates to the best possible results for you and your patients.

Dr N: Other than for facial redness and facial spider veins, what is the 577 Quadrostar PRO Yellow good for?

The Quadrostar PRO Yellow 577 laser has the ability to treat many conditions including Port Wine Stains, bulky lesions and Seborrheic Keratosis

Dr N: Is the 577 wavelength Quadrostar PRO Yellow safe for treating facial capillaries?

Whenever I lecture or train clinics on the use of lasers I always reinforce that to get the best result a laser must have an optimal wavelength and pulse width to target the chromophore without damaging the surrounding tissue. Because of its specific wavelength, the Quadrostar PRO Yellos 577 laser achieves this with no or minimal downtime.

Dr N: Is there contact cooling with the Quadrostar PRO?

As we are efficiently targeting the blood, the energy used is lower than would typically be used with other lasers. This allows for a more efficient treatment where contact cooling is not necessary. For the treatment of larger areas, because of the bulk heating, the Quadrostar PRO yellow 577nm laser does have a scanning handpiece with also incorporates contact cooling.

Dr N: Can the 577 Quadrostar be used for patients with Asian and darker skin tones? Is it a popular machine in Asia since its release?

The Quadrostar PRO Yellow 577nm laser can be used on skin types 1 through to 4. The Asian market is also achieving fantastic results in the treatment of Melasma with the 577nm wavelength.

Dr N: Thanks Andrew for your valuable information

Andrew Andreou has over 15 years experience in the Cosmetic/Aesthetic industry and has a strong understanding of both the technical and clinical application of lasers. He has lectured for many years on all aspects of lasers, which gives him the ability to assess each individual’s specific needs, and as a consultant has access to many different brands. This allows him to only recommend what he believes is the best device.

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