Laser for Old Age Warts on Forehead

This patient had old age warts aka seborhoeic keratoses all over her face. There were two large ones on her forehead. To remove these lumps, we use the same method as when we remove moles from the face

The best treatment to remove seborrhoeic keratoses safely and without scarring is using an erbium laser

This patient had 1 treatment of erbium laser to remove her warts.

Before and after 1 treatment of erbium laser to 2 old age warts (seborrhoeic keratoses) on forehead

The laser works by ablating (vaporising) the tissue. With each pulse, approximately a 2mm circle, 10 microns deep of tissue are removed.

The dressings, see below, are to be kept on the skin for 7 days after treatment

The dressings used for old age wart removal

The results are usually scarless, because the laser is so precise.

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