Is your skin in need of some rejuvenation? Are fine lines affecting your complexion? Defy the course of aging with our restorative anti-wrinkle treatments!

SPECIAL OFFER NOW! Receive a COMPLIMENTARY chemical peel (worth $200) with any anti-wrinkle treatment!
A chemical peel works by inducing a controlled wound to the skin, removing the top layers of the skin, causing collagen remodelling. Post-treatment, skin appears fresh and rejuvenated!

Anti-wrinkle injections are made up of a muscle relaxant that works to block the message from nerve to muscle, reducing its ability to contract and therefore reducing the appearance of lines. These injectables are perfect for you if you’re seeing the results of good years well lived and are now concerned about your appearance!
Anti-wrinkle injections can be injected all over the face, including eye wrinkles, frown lines and forehead lines. This treatment can also be utilised for brow lifting and masseter (jaw) slimming.

The key benefits of anti-wrinkle injections

  • Reverses the signs and symptoms of aging
  • Improves skin texture to create youthful complexion
  • Works as a preventative method, gradually smoothing lines and actively preventing new lines from forming
  • Treatment takes less than 10 minutes and has relatively no recovery down-time
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Naturally our emotions play out across our face, and while this isn’t undesirable, the lines that come with it are! Horizontal forehead lines and crow’s feet around the eyes can prematurely age a person, leading to an expression of permanent anger or worry. Here at The Manse, the most requested areas for anti-wrinkle treatment are frown lines and eye wrinkles, alongside brow lifts and masseter slimming which work to soften one’s appearance:


– Minimum cost $390


– Minimum cost $390


– Minimum cost $390


– Minimum cost $390

Why the Manse?

The Manse is your go-to destination for luxury cosmetic treatments. Located in the heart of Sydney, we offer a discreet and premium service for your personalised needs. We’re different from your average clinic as rather than having an injecting nurse supported by an offsite doctor via Skype, we have a team of 7 doctors – all of whom have a wealth of experience and are highly trained. So you can relax knowing your face is in good hands!

The pain is minimal. At The Manse, we offer numbing cream, ice and happy gas to our patients for their anti-wrinkle injections. However, most patients just opt for an ice pack.
In terms of non-surgical cosmetic treatments, wrinkle injections are generally considered to be the lowest risk procedures. The most common side effects are bruising and swelling at the injection sites.
  • At 2-8 days, the lines begin to start reducing
  • At 4 weeks, the maximal effect is achieved
  • From 4-8 weeks, the result is maintained
  • At 8 weeks, the effect slowly begins to start wearing off
  • At 12 weeks, the movement is about 50% back
  • At 16 weeks, the movement is about 80% back
Most patients choose to have re-treatment at 3-4 months, however this varies between patients. Males, exercisers and those who are more muscular, tend to require larger and more frequent doses.
The injecting itself takes about 5 minutes, but at your appointment you will need to take photos and sign a consent form, plus have your face cleaned. Patients can expect to be at the clinic for about 30 minutes if the doctor is running on time.

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Offer Terms & Conditions: Customers must purchase an anti-wrinkle treatment to redeem the peel. Package may not be split between people. Not transferable to another patient or another day. No splitting packages with another person. There are no guarantees about your suitability for procedure, There are no refunds even if you are unsuitable for part or all of your package. Payment for package will be made prior to treatment. The Manse clinic reserves the right to end the sale or offer at any time without prior notification or advertisement. Please also refer to website for all clinic T and Cs. No refunds. No complimentary top ups, corrections at cost to patient. Results will vary from patient to patient. Patients required to follow after care procedures as directed by doctor. Cancellations 24 hours or less incur a $350 fee. Doctors reserve the right to refuse patient treatment

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