Why Neck lipo

19/4/11 Everyone keeps on asking me WHY????

Well, I was having my hair done at Original A . There was, what is now known as the “mirror of death”, hanging on the stairway showing me (aka torturing me with) my profile for hours. My choices were suicide or neck lipo.

So today was the day

The procedure was pretty easy compared to the 2 times (oh sorry forgot one), make that 3 times, that I’ve previously had lipo. I was offered Penthrox, but I didn’t need it.  I had less than 30 seconds of pain in the whole procedure when he injected the 3 first “blebs” of local anaesthetic. The feeling of the local anaesthetic going into my neck was pretty creepy and strange, but the doctor made me feel really comfortable. Except when he started to sing 🙂

The thing that is going to kill me is the head garment, which I have to wear for 7 days!

Can’t wait to see my before and afters.

Feeling pretty tired now so goodnight.

Naomi xxxx