Upper Blepharoplasty 3 hours after

The bandage was to stay on until the next morning (about 20 hours).

I was given mild sleeping tables, Temazepam 20mg to take that night.

The lids started to hurt as the local anaesthetic wore off after about 3 hours. I took Panadeine Forte once and then again before bed

Day of procedure I couldn’t do anything because I was blind, although it was awesome to have John wait on me. I felt guilty, but he was really good about it.

I was in a bit of pain, but the pain wasn’t the problem, it was the inconvenience of not seeing. The one good thing about is that it does force you to rest. I was planning on tidying the house after the procedure, but being blind makes this impossible.

As I told you in part 1, we listened to the most amazing podcast for about 8 hours, you must check out “Serial podcast”

Upper blepharoplasty diary 3 hours after procedure

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