Penis Enlargement

Penis Enlargement Sydney

Penis enlargement using dermal filler is a relatively new procedure that is rapidly growing due to its high satisfaction rate.

Penis enlargement sydney
Penis Enlargement Sydney

Penis enlargements are a popular treatment at our Sydney Clinic. Dermal filler is injected to increase the size of the penis. What man wouldn’t want to look down at his penis and see a bigger one?  Yet penis enlargement remains a procedure that is rarely discussed.

Our procedure, available exclusively at The Manse is a dermal filler technique, called the “Masculane procedure“.

One of our doctors was interviewed by the Daily Mail, about the Masculane penis enlargement procedure.

The non-surgical penis enlargement procedure

The patient will have a consultation with The Manse Clinic doctor.

The doctor will take his history and perform an examination and have a discussion, where the options and side effects and expectations will be discussed . All aspects of the consent form will be discussed. The patient will then have at least 1 week for thinking about the penis enlargement procedure. If the patient decides to go ahead, he will rebook, and arrive 30 minutes prior to his appointment to have some numbing cream applied to his penis.

The doctor will then see the patient and the patient will have further opportunity to ask questions about the procedure.

Just before the procedure, the penis will be cleaned thoroughly multiple times and the doctor will then perform the procedure using a cannula and dermal filler. The procedure takes about 1 hour.

Antibiotics are given to all patients having penis enlargement.

The procedure has minimal discomfort. The patient can choose to have Entonox (happy gas) is they need it. Most do not request it.

Side effects of non-surgical penis enlargement

The anticipated side effects are swelling and bruising, which are common.

Asymmetry is also a common side effect and this is why penis enlargement with dermal fillers should always be looked at as a multi-step process, with 2 or more treatments to achieve the desired result.

The non-anticipated side effects, which are more rare, include infections, obstructed urine flow, vessel or nerve damage and granuloma (hard lump) formation.


Those patients who have had penile implants cannot have dermal filler penis enlargement


You will be provided your after care instructions at your treatment session, which will include antibiotics, abstinence, and keeping the area clean..

Please wear loose fitting underwear to your appointment. I

Expectations of size improvement with penis enlargement

Setting expectations for this procedure is really important. The size that it will be is going to depend on 2 main factors, which is the size that it starts and the amount of product is injected.

The filler is used only to increase the girth of the penis and the girth may be increased approximately 30%. Another  limitation for how thick it is possible to make it is an aesthetic one ie It needs to remain looking like a cylinder, ie you have to be careful to not make it too thick compared to its length.

The second treatment

The second treatment can be performed 2-4 weeks after the previous treatment. The same procedure is followed. If the patient does not want to go ahead with the second procedure, then they are not obliged to, although it is recommended.

After the second treatment

The patient should review their penis at 4 weeks post the second procedure and see if they are satisfied with the size and symmetry etc. If they would like further treatment then they should rebook again.

Maintenance of new thicker size

The patient should be reinjected every 18 months to 2 years for maintenance of their new, thicker size.

Cost of penis enlargement with dermal fillers

Typically starting from $7500 for procedure 1 and then $3750 for procedure 2.

Please go to our Masculane pricing for current penis enlargement pricing

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