Liposuction Neck

Neck lipo before and after
Neck lipo before and after

We use neck liposuction at our Sydney clinic to remove the double chin fat that interferes with having a youthful neck angle. Maintaining a youthful jawline is one of the most important things to do for our age appearance. It is also one of the most natural-looking ways to continue look great as you age.

What are the steps involved with neck liposuction?

First Consultation          

  • First step is to book a consultation with our doctor. Our doctor will take your history and examine you and then have a discussion with you to see if you are suitable for the procedure. Our doctor will go into detail about what to expect, the risks and the likely results. 
  • You will be shown before and after photos of neck liposuction cases that our doctor has performed
  • If you wish to go ahead with the procedure, you will need to sign a consent 1 week before the procedure can go ahead.

Minimum of 1 week after your consultation

Night before the procedure

·       You will start antibiotics on the night before the procedure.

At the clinic 

·       When you arrive at the clinic you will change into a theatre gown and cap. You can leave comfortable clothes on the lower half of your body and your bra on.

·       Your doctor will take before photos.

The liposuction procedure

·       You will go into the room where the procedure will be performed.

·       We will inject 4 little blebs of anaesthetic, two under the chin and one adjacent to each ear. This is the most painful part of the procedure

·       Your nurse or doctor will put an antiseptic solution all over your face and neck.

·       You are able to use a happy gas for some anaesthetic help

·       Tiny punch biopsies (1mm) are made in those 4 places (where you are aneathetised, so it is painless) to allow in the fine liposuction cannulas

·       The doctor will then inject a lot of dilute anaesthetic fluid into your neck. This is done very slowly so we can get complete coverage of the areas that we will suck. It is a strange feeling, but it is not painful.

·       Wait for some minutes

·       The liposuction part of procedure will begin. The liposuction itself does not hurt, as you are anaesthetised. You may notice “pinchy” feelings at times.

·       The experience of someone “poking around your neck” with a long cannula (a very thin metal tube) back and forth, is not so pleasant, but it is without pain.

·       The fat comes out in yellowy little lumps

·       Your new neck angle will start to take shape. The nurse or assistant may take a profile image to show you how the procedure is going and the beginning of your new sharper neck angle.

·       After the major amount of fat is gone, your doctor will “fine tune” the procedure, with very fine passes. The aim, as well as removing all the fat, to create a youthful jawline, is to get adherence of the skin to the deeper structures. Your jowls may also be treated if suitable.

·       The procedure is finished.  The skin is given a final clean. 

Immediately after the procedure

·       You may have after images taken.

·       The Manse assistant will put absorbent pads on top of the small entry holes and a compression garment is put over this 

·       You will remove the gown and get dressed into your clothes again.

·       The Manse assistant will call your support person to come and pick you up.

·       You may sit in a comfy chair and our team will offer a cup of tea and a biscuit while you’re waiting for your support person to drive you home.

At home after the procedure

·       Sleep on a couple of pillows and dark towel for the first night. 

·       Have a shower the day after the procedure

·       Please wear the garment at all times for the first week and then at nights for the following week

Continue to take antibiotics for another 3 days (including the day of surgery)

To make an appointment for neck liposuction, please

  • Call 93315005 or
  • Email us on or
  • Make an online booking with Dr Raf

NB. Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion by an appropriately qualified medical practitioner.

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